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I am currently accepting Remembrances submitted by 75th Division Veterans, Veteran's families, or  anyone who may have intimate knowledge of  a 75th Division Veteran's  activity and involvement during WWII.  Veterans of other Divisions and Units who have knowledge of events that involved members of the 75th Infantry Division are welcome to submit those Remembrances for posting. Submissions may be submitted by first formatting the document in a manner similar to those already posted (see below) and emailing them to me.  A Veteran's contact information will not be displayed but all other information will be included.  Place of current residence (town, city, and state) will be included if that information is submitted with the Remembrance.  Please send your Remembrance to me at Email  Thank you.


The 75th Infantry Division in WWII

The above link is a small booklet containing a few 75th Division Veteran's Remembrances.  I believe this was published by the 75th Division Veterans' Association, possibly as a handout for one of the reunions.


Page 1

Vernon Clark
Frank Comito
Steve Gwodz (Goss)
Bernard J. Kelly
Roy Kimpel
Robert G. Lampe


Page 2

Robert McConide
Morris W. Ringe
Alfred S. Roxburgh
Harold Shadday


Page 3

Louis L. Sullivan


Page 4

Ray Vittucci
Clifton C. Whitworth
"Excerpts from After Action Report"
Philip R. Bradley
James F. Collier
Norman F. Johnson


Page 5

Guy Mudd
Louis F. Rosetti
Warren T. Wooten
Eugene "Art" Broadhurst
Arnon J. Lensink
Paul E. Cunningham


Page 6

Jerry Merkel
Allie C. Peed
Tom Leamon
Robert L. Martin


Page 7

Robert G. Nielson
Joseph W. McClure
William W. Hitchcock
George Sperl


Page 8

Robert J. Keller
289th, D Co., 1st Bn "Unknown" from "Into the Ardennes"


Page 9

Harold Lindstrom


Page 10

Harold Lindstrom's Remembrance continued....


Page 11

Frank W. Maresca
Ted Breeden
"Dolphin BLUE Diary, 3rd Bn, 289th Inf" Author Unknown


Page 12

"ETO Book, King (K) Company, 289th Inf., 75th Division" Author Unknown
John K. Shelton


Page 13

Beaunnous E. (Bob) Walk


Page 14

Dino Argentini
Jim Pease
David R. Coggins
Carl F. Duffner
George Van Way


Page 15

Dale T. DeVore
William T. Rice
Charles R. Miller
Wallace Duffney


Page 16

Harold Walsh
Mike Eberle
Daniel W. Kupsche


Page 17

Daniel W. Kupsche (Cont'd)
Joe Colcord


Page 18

Richard Sasin
Don Shanower
John W. Slabinski


Page 19

Jack Roach
William A. Kirk
Kent S. Freeman


Page 20

David W. Sangrey, Sr.
Richard H. Montgomery


Page 21

William P. Blincoe
Gerald W. Van Cleve
 Lawrence Andrew Anderson


Page 22

McConley Byrd
Jack Etherton
R.H. Barnhart


Page 23

R.H. Barnhart's Remembrance Continued...


Page 24

Mike Molloy
Russell Vedeloff


Page 25

Donald M. Roeck 


Page 26

William A. De Vilbis
Elmer C. Denis
George Gardner, Jr


Page 27

Andy Robble
Thomas W. Young
Kenneth E. Chittick


Page 28

Joseph T. Harlukowicz
Robert Ebers


Page 29

Harold M. Simon


Page 30

Into The Bulge ~ An Account by Harold M. Simon (continued)


Page 31

Paul B. Ellis
Harold E. Woodrome
John Hoy


Page 32

Leonard P. Schur
Luther Gordon
Ross K. Rasmussen


Page 33

Roy Hammarlund


Page 34

C. E. Woody Woodruff
Lee R. Harmon


Page 35

David C. Claggett
Gilbert M. Nelson


Page 36

Thomas J. Kreps
Thomas E. Emery
J. George Gregory
Kenneth Sipser


Page 37

Kenneth Sipser (Cont'd)
Carl J. Lawson
Jack G. Ohringer


Page 38

Edon Thomas
Bill Black
Robert H. Mabes


Page 39

Raymond C. Smith
William J. Sheridan
Robert M. Smith


Page 40

"629th Tank Destroyer Bn"
Donald Ratliff
Thomas E. Shockley
Carlton P. Russell


Page 41

John R. Gooch
Daniel R. (Bob) Shine


Page 42

Richard L. Bolinger
John E. Weed
Robert J. Timbrook
Clyde C. Cooper
Alfred Anzalone

Page 43

Donald Bryson


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